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New Hog News


Happy Days for 'Hogs - the huge hole created by the departure of Judy and Don Reid of 'Hog News fame, has now been filled by Steve Howells.

Judy and Don were stalwarts of the NRN and quietly and effectively gave their hand to all manner of NRN activities, including coordinating all the hedgehog projects and initiating the 'Hog News Bulletins. Our hearfelt thanks and good wishes go with them - they will be sorely missed.

Steve's first missive to all 'Hog afficionados is here.


don&judy_farewell_DovehouseBidding fond farewell to Judy and Don Reid (centre) at the Dovehouse Meadow.
Steve Howells, the new 'Hog coordinator, is to the right of Judy in the photo.
Photo Catriona Bass