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NRN's own Website is here!

GreenTEA_poster Eynsham's own Green Man.
Photo, Anne Gingell

Sign up to NRN’s new Website to join an activity or a discussion on your favourite topic, get information, advice, free workshops (or discounts where we have to pay the expert), lectures, books – and help fund our ongoing work.

NRN’s Zoom Gathering was a clear indication of how Eynshamers have voted with their feet, hands and minds to bring about many of the projects that were suggested at the launch meeting in January 2020. Now we have a generous trug-full of new ideas, big and small, short-range and long-range, that we can all develop for the coming years.
To enable us to ‘network’ with ease and to inspire, inform, influence - and document our collective projects -  we have just launched the website which connects seemlessly with NRN’s Facebook page. It also enables us to share our opinions and questions by subject. So, if you have a question or suggestion about birds, for example, you can engage directly with NRN's bird experts and enthusiasts through the website forums. These conversations are waiting to be started by all of us. The NRN Website is already populated with past nature recovery endeavours and new projects are arriving all the time. Please make your suggestions for shaping it!
Importantly, the website will greatly simplify the massive overload on the newsletter editors (Catriona and Kevan, to date). Currently, every newsletter has to be rewritten/formatted 3 times: for the mailout, Eynsham Online and the NRN Website – and each site has its own pecadillos. Its killing us!
So, please click NOW to register as a User at least, in order to receive future mail-outs (and put us out of our editorial misery)
Even better: Sign up as a Member.

The NRN’s Website is designed for two levels of individual participation: User, and Member. A registered User has access to the basic resources of our Network. A Member can participate in the operation, Projects, and Discussions of our Network. They have advanced, free (or discounted) access to Workshops and the many other activities and products that are initiated through the NRN. The annual subscription for adult Members is a modest £10. Children are free, but they will need permission to Join from a parent or guardian.

ReptileSurveyHomepageNRN Website's Homepage: Reptile Survey in Action.

Photo, Catriona Bass


Funds raised by the Member Subscription will go towards the many projects we have up-and-running and planned, most of which we are hoping to keep free for members. Workshops, seeds, trees, the website, equipment and reagents for water quality testing, etc.  all need hard cash, which so far has come from grants, donations and individual members pockets (see ‘Benefactors’ on the Website). But there is always a shortfall. Furthermore, grant-giving bodies always seek ‘matching funds’, so the Member Subscription is an important element in raising further grants.