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Nature Recovery Network

Billboard designed and painted by Anne Gingell.


Thank you for your interest in our Network! You are very welcome to join in our projects.

(Please see the terms and conditions of use of this site.)

There are two levels of individual participation in our Network: User, and Member.


Any member of the public  may sign up as a User of our site.

We very much encourage public participation.  For reasons of security you will be asked to declare some minimal identification data on signup.  Also, by signing up you thereby agree to our conditions of use. As a user you will have access to the basic resources of our Network, and you will receive occasional newsletters, as well as notification of NRN relevant events.  


If you would like to participate more fully in our Network, then you should apply for Membership. 

To become an individual Member, you must first register as a User.. Then, when you are logged in as a User, click on your name, which appears on left hand side of the blue bar at the top. You will then see 'Profile' - click on that and you will see 'Memberships'. Click on the  blue 'join' (ordinary member) and you will see an Application Form to complete.

Individual Membership is of two types: Ordinary, and Junior.  

Ordinary Membership costs £10 per annum, and is renewable on your anniversary of membership. Payment is by credit card only. You can choose whether your membership should be renewed automatically or not.     

Junior Membership is for registered scholars, and is free. Your application must declare at which school you are registered, and you must also confirm that your parent(s) or guardian(s) agree to your membership of our network. Junior membership expires when you become 18 years of age.

The Membership Application Form  is intended to provide information that will help the Admin. improve the operation of the Network. Some fields of the application are required, the remainder are optional, but the information helps us to 'network' with each other.

NOTE: If you registered as a User some time ago and now want to become a Member, then the process is the same as described above, i.e. log in,  click on your name in the left top blue bar. You will see 'Profile' - click on that and you will see 'Memberships'. Click on the  blue 'join' (ordinary member) and you will see the Application Form to complete.

 Associate Membership is intended for businesses, corporations, schools and other organisations. Individuals in these organisation still have to register as Users or Members as described above.

If you wish to register your organization as an Associate Member, please contact us. 

Please let is know if you are having any difficulties with joining by contacting us.