The Parish has a rich history of 'green' folk who have devoted themselves to conserving the natural heritage of the parish and actively enriching nature for the benefit of the whole community. The Nature Recovery Network is just the latest reincarnation of their Spirit. The 'Green Tales' Project Group have begun to gather oral, written and visual histories of these folk. If you have stories and photographs of the greening of the parish, we'd love to hear and see them. These tales are inspirational and as you know - 'sharing is caring'.  Here is our project discussion forum.





Railway Footpath

Sue Chapman relates (and illustrates) her account of the creation of the Railway Footpath.


Norman and Sue Butler Miles sat down with Catriona Bass to entrance and entertain her with a fascinating and frank account of their personal history in farming around Eynsham. Here are some highlights.

Edible Eynsham

Sue Raikes now Chair of the Peace Oak Association gives one of the Tiny Talks about the early days of GreenTEA in Eynsham.


Angie Titchen recalls the drivers for the formation of the Eynsham Planning Improvement Campaign (EPIC), whose past and continuing battles to ensure the District Council planners and their developers protect local biodiversity make for sobering reading.

Half a century of trying to protect Nature in Eynsham 

Sue Chapman - Former Chair of Eynsham Society and Parish Councillor talks about the societies tree-planting and tree-saving activities in Eynsham

Catriona Bass Launches Forth

Text of the welcome address by Catriona Bass of Long Mead Local Wildlife Site on the occasion of the launch of Eynsham's Great Nature Recovery Project in January 2020.