Education at all levels is an integral part of the Nature Recovery Network. A group of educationailsts have self-organised to develop the means whereby to engage pupils, students, teachers, university lecturers, school governers in increasing knowledge about all aspects of biodiversity.

IMG_0862 Pupils from Eynsham Primary School planting acorns from a local
Oak Tree collected by Nicky Chambers.
Photo: Paula Emmett.


In the last year, community members have supported Eynsham's primary school in planting seeds from local flowers and trees and NRN's Water Quality Project organised a workshop as as part of Science Week. At Bartholomew School, Russell Fisher has started a conservation group.

IMG_0850 Pupils from Eynsham Primary School extracting seeds for sowing from
Mead Lane Crab Apples collected by Don and Judy Reid.
Photo: Paula Emmett.


Now, the seven schools in the Eynsham Partnership Academy are  establishing their own Nature Recovery Network, setting out with their pupils to survey their biodiversity, make decisions about where they can get some biodiversity gain and, hopefully, engaging the support of experienced or enthusiastic parents and community members to help them carry it out. 

Contact us if you can share your skills, communicate your enthusiasm, and give some of your time to help with the Schools' NRN.