Members are what makes the Nature Recovery Network a real network. Unlike conventional 'top-down' hierarchies, the flat 'bottom-up' organisation of the NRN network makes individual Members and their links to other Members the essential elements for driving a dynamic network.

Knowledge exchange is a key benefit of Membership, whether in surveying, creating a new habitat, learning what is the 'best practice' for an activity, or simply wanting to know the name of a plant or insect or bird. This knowledge exchange will be facilitated through the infrastructure of the website that enables community contributions in the form of e.g. self-assembled Groups, Forums, and WIKIs.

Members will be able to take advantage of discounted rates to Specialist Workshops that are integral to building a solid base of knowledge and practical expertise in the network.

As we have already discovered, everyone has skills, energy, and ideas that can feed into the whole network to realise our common goals. Importantly the network structure as realised through the website allows Members rapidly to identify and communicate with other Members who have expertise or need their expertise. 

 Follow the instructions here, to become first a User, and then Member of the NRN.