The Nature Recovery Network is a local, bottom-up community-based project to conserve and increase biodiversity in our own backyard. We're keen that the principles and practices, the successes and failures and the knowledge that come out from this Network is available for a wider audience.

The work of the Network is relevant to many interest groups, from Parish Counciis and NGOs, from adult education to members of the public who may simply want to discover how to survey, or the best practice for encouraging more wildflowers.

The Outreach Group is thus conceived as a dynamic source of knowledge, information, and accurate up-to-the-minute reporting from the 'front-line' of the Network's plans and activities. As part of our response to the coronavirus pandemic, we are organising Webinars and writing Newsletters to all the people who have signed up with emails to the Nature Recovery Network. Please contribute to our discussion forum.

One of the core principles of the Nature Recovery Network is to be inclusive. Several individuals and organisations in the network (Long Mead, LOVE Carefarming, Market Garden, Peace Oak Association) have been working for many years with vulnerable members of the community through their care-farming projects. The Nature Recovery Network offers a unique opportunity to enable participants of care-farming projects to participate on equal terms with environmental volunteers so making new connections in the community. 



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