For administrative purposes, the NRN currently has a CEO, Secretary, Treasurer and Projects Manager. These are Kevan Martin (CEO), Catriona Bass (Secretary), Nicky Chambers (Treasurer) and Lucy Dickinson (Projects Manager).

The NRN is in the process of becoming a registered charity. It is also a signed-up member of the Community Action Groups (CAG) of Oxfordshire,

CAG is funded by the Oxfordshire County Council and offers many services for its members, including support for sourcing funding, facilitating work with local and national government, etc.  

A central tenet of the NRN is that 'if we build it, they will come'. This applies as much to the NRN itself as to its activities, and we invite you to offer advice, support, and assistance in any capacity you can as we grow. Please contact….

Please note that as a NRN Member you already have a number of privileges, including the opportunity to participate in a Group, (see Group) set up a Forum (see Forums).