Breaking News!

On Wednesday 12th May 2021 at 19:30 GMT we will gather for a virtual Zoom Gathering to celebrate our Nature Recovery efforts!



Link for Zoom Gathering

Join us and bring your experience, enthusiasm, questions and suggestions for this next year…

Green Tea PosterThe FUN we had Recovering Nature last year!


Blitz Presentations

Finding out what we’ve got:

Water and water vole surveys, birds, hedgehogs, meadows, bugs and reptiles, trees:

(Lucy Dickinson, Lucy Stoddart, Allen Stevens, Neil Clennell, Neil Bailey)

What we’re doing about it:

Restoring Dovehouse Close, Coming together in Newland Street, Long Mead’s care-farmers grow wildflowers for Eynsham

(Don Reid, Linda Wisheart, Raul Ospina Bonill)

Engaging the network:

Engaging the Network in our schools (James Bird and Russell Fisher)

Parish Council Supporting Biodiversity (Ross Macken)

NRN fund-raising, Comedy Night, 17th September (Julie Macken)

Great Big Green Week,18th-26th September (Sarah Couch)

Looking forward:

What are we going to do next. How are we going to do it?

Bring your suggestions - and your friends!