Swift_surveyorsSarah Couch Hywel Edwards and Sally Taylor seeking the swifts new nest sites.
Photo Catriona Bass

Sarah Couch looks back on Eynsham’s Swift Successes 2021


The Eynsham swifts are doing well - we counted 5 more active nests than last year, a total of 25, including one pair investigating a house martin nest from last year, which is highly unusual. Richard Mabey said that his swifts did not appear this year so perhaps we are bucking the trend. There are more nests in some roofs and the noisy groups of swifts seem to have noticed the boxes as they prospected for new nest sites. This year more nest boxes have been used, but by sparrows not swifts. Maybe swifts would be more likely to move in if they were in more sociable groups, so perhaps we could add more boxes next year.

There were often groups screeching round our streets with at least 30 overhead. A good spot was the middle of Acre End Street at dusk. Sadly, we won't see the spectacle again until next year. You can see the map of nesting sites below. Do let us know of any additions or corrections.


swift-survey-july-2021Swift Survey Data compiled by Sarah Couch.