Botanical surveys started last spring, firstly to help the Eynsham Parish Council decide which verges it would include in its pilot project to trial Plant Life's verge management programme. In June, we ran survey workshops to provide baseline botanical surveys on Eynsham's Playing Fields, St Leonard's Church and the other areas where we were creating wildflower areas.


botanical survey-7946 NRN members undertake botanical survey of Eynsham Playing Fields, led by Catriona Bass and Alison Muldal


These workshops were led by Catriona Bass from Long Mead and Alison Muldal, formerly advisor on Sites of Special Scientific Interest for Natural England, who lives in Kennington. Plans for next summer include survey technique workshops and Plant ID courses. Please email if you would like to join in.



botanical survey-7958 NRN members undertaking a baseline botanical survey of Eynsham Churchyard, led by local experts Alison Muldal and Catriona Bass