Hedgehog Superhighway Construction

June 5, 2021

Location to Be Decided by Common Assent

Event has ended


As part of the creation of the Highspeed Hedgehog Superhighway through Eynsham, complete with flyovers, spaghetti junctions, underpasses, tunnels, avalanche galleries, policecar laybys, 'welcome break' truck stops, and of course motorway services selling lactose-free ice-cream, fizzy water, and spiky toys for the hoglets, Jez-the-Stonemason is coming to tunnel through stone, brick, or block walls on June 5th, starting at dawn (well, soonish after sunrise, breakfast, tea-break, chat-to-your-mates, survey-of-sites, etc, lets say 10:00 GMT?). 

Some architectural and engineering preparation may yet be necessary, so please contact us if you have wishes, desires, hopes, or any other plans in the subjunctive mood for the HSHHSH.

The suggested donation  is £10 per hole to cover costs of equipment hire etc.

Featured Speakers

Speaker Hazel the Hedgehog

Here is Hazel, CEO of the HSHHSH Project,  scoping a hedgefull of cunning routes for Eynsham's HSHHSH.

Date and Time

Sat, June 5, 2021

3 a.m. - 5 a.m.
(GMT+0000) GMT


Location to Be Decided by Common Assent

Event has ended